With website and server security continuously requiring updating and maintenance, and our wish to continue to provide exceptional service at great value.

We provide Website Support Services for a wide range of custom built sites and platforms, including WordPress and Joomla. If you are unsure how your site has been built, just drop us an email or give us a call and we can check for you.

Monthly Costs per Site:

Site Type Cost per site per month
HTML / PHP basic sites £7.00
WordPress £16.00
Joomla £18.00
Custom Sites or Other Open Source CMS platforms Call for Price

The service includes (where applicable):

  1. Consultation on use of website’s Content Management System (“CMS”).
  2. Regular monitoring and updating of the site files and its associated assets.
  3. Ensuring compatibility of updates with current website layout.*
  4. Monthly website and database backups.
  5. Out of hours telephone, email and text support
  6. Website Software Updates, ensuring your site is on the latest available platform version possible, website bug fixing, updates to any plugins, components and custom setup
  7. Support and aftercare if site is hacked or made vulnerable by misuse of passwords or insecure extensions
  8. Support with email systems and DNS setup/issues
  9. Upkeep of SSL/TLS security standards on your website (showing the security padlock in the browser)
  10. GDPR and Privacy Policy guidance, recommendations and implementation
  11. Assistance with site backup and restoration
  12. Discounted Rate on Development Work
  13. CMS Training, Guidance and Updating Support
  14. Minor Content Amends and Layout / Theme Bug Fixes**

*Regular software updates contribute to website security. Some website assets (e.g. WordPress plugins or themes) may become incompatible with those updates, requiring work not included here to maintain compatibility if desired/needed. Jenlu Limited will notify the Client in advance of such updates.

**Content amends are restricted and anything considered timely will be charged extra (upon agreement)

This support service does not include:

  1. Graphic / User Interface Design
  2. Website Code Development
  3. Content editing equalling more than 50% change to given document or web page.
  4. CMS design or modifcations including but not limited to blogs, shopping carts and web forums.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to either send an email to support@jenlu.com, or for direct assistance, please contact Tessa on 07835 633 885.

Yours sincerely.

The Jenlu Team

As with everything we value any input into how we can improve our systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms of Support Contract

Total Agreement

Jenlu Limited shall provide Client with Services Included in This Agreement on a month-to-month basis. The contract will be paid on a Monthly Basis, in advance. Payment will be due prior to the month commencing, invoices will be sent to the email address given at the time of generating this invoice, unless updated subsequently.

During the duration of this contract, the Client agrees that Jenlu Limited will be the sole provider of management services for the web site, and no other party will have access to or rights to change the web site. If a party other than Jenlu Limited makes changes to the web site, any errors that are created must be repaired and will be charged for at the hourly rate specified above. Minor updates should not exceed more than 50% of the content on any single site page, THE PERCENTAGE TO BE DETERMINED BY JENLU LIMITED.

Deadlines & Deliverables

Jenlu Limited will respond to all management requests from Client within 48 hours on during normal business days, via email or phone, with a confirmation that the request was received, and an estimated completion date for each action item in the request.

Jenlu Limited will adhere to quoted deadlines for deliverables in the management requests at all possible costs. In the event that Jenlu Limited has any issues in delivering on a quoted deadline, Client will be notified via email or telephone with an explanation for any delays.

Additional Services

Any revisions, additions, or redesign requests not specified in this document shall be considered “additional” and will require separate agreement and payment. Jenlu Limited shall advise Client on any work that falls within these bounds. Jenlu Limited holds complete discretion as to what is considered included in this agreement, and at any such time should concerns arise over work not included the client will be notified as soon as possible.

Jenlu Limited may be required to install additional plugins or components in order to complete service provision inline with this contract, in some cases, additional licenses may be required and these will be chargable to the Client.


Either Party may terminate this Agreement on 30 days written notice. In the event both Parties wish to mutually terminate this Agreement, the date of termination shall be as agreed by the Parties without regard to the notice provision. In the event this Agreement is terminated, Jenlu Limited shall work with the Client to facilitate an orderly transition of any work in progress, and deliver to Client copies of all site files, databases or information to facilitate the transition.


Client hereby authorizes Jenlu Limited to access their web hosting account, understanding that provision for full access will be required at all times in order to alllow Jenlu Limited to facilitate the Services Included in this Agreement.


For any additional and the latest Terms and Conditions for website design, please check the jenlu.com website.