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With so much happening every minute of every hour, in our industry and with over 30 years of experience, we like to share our thoughts.

Who we've helped this year....

Date: 11th December 2015

It's very important to us that we give back to people what we receive. We strive constantly to help other people wherever possible

We are very proud of what we have done this year and wanted to share some of the important ones.

We helped one person in need get a job that they still have 8 months on.

We gave two people jobs working with us who love helping clients and having fun as much as we do.

We also helped a good friend start a new business (branding, stationary, business cards, free advice & networking). Now they are expanding their business and diversifying and giving someone else a job!

Through our BNI business networking connections we have spent the year helping over 50 businesses; by helping them get more business, focus on the more profitable business and ask for the right sort of business.

All of this is separate to the amount of actual work we did for our clients. This has included:-

  • Creating strategic plans for more than 10 businesses
  • Developed/designed over 20 websites
  • Designed and sent out hundreds of email campaigns
  • Written & scheduled social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Created new brands & graphics design and printed tens of thousands of business cards and leaflets!!

Next year we want to do all of this again and more.... Maybe in 2016 we can help you?

Email if you'd like to talk to us.

Phil Harding

What are you not shouting about?

Date: 1st December 2015

I recently attended Conwy Business week and listened to a business consultant (Graham Dobbin) talk about what we forget to do as business people.

It struck a chord with me as he asked us to think about 'wow' moments in our business life.

I thought back a to what is now a fond memory. I was asked by an investor whom I'd worked with for a few years to help him launch a new mobile telecoms company in Sorrento, Italy.

I remember now the event as we hired an amazing venue overlooking the River, we had amazing lighting and fireworks and held a black tie dinner involving local dignitaries and important business people and investors. Looking back I remember how proud I was as at the event seeing this thing, this idea turn into reality.

I then realised that I don't recall mentioning this to anyone in business for a few years. We had to discuss our 'wow' thought with other business people around the table and I was surprised at the reaction, the credibility it gave me with people in the room.

So, my point is that whilst I'm often found advising business about communication even I'd forgotten about the things I should be shouting about.

So, have a think about what 'wow' moments you've had or are currently having in business and start telling people about them. Use social media, use newsletters, use press releases even start talking about it at networking events...

If you don't tell people about your successes, how will they ever find out?

Phil Harding


Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket!!

Date: 20th November 2015

As I was driving along thinking about a customer who was unable to pay a bill and had just entered into liquidation, it occurred to me. Obviously this happens to many businesses. BUT, if they had been my only customer, it would have had a massive impact on my own business.

Not only that but should any business rely solely on one customer then they too are gambling with the future of their business.

I nodded to myself in agreement (as I was driving alone and had no one else who could agree with me, so it was perfectly normal behavior) and took thanks that I had not structured Jenlu in that way.

If a business is solely reliant on any one factor or means, it is taking a constant risk. Whether it is a single supplier they rely on, a particular type of funding or as in this case a single customer, they are constantly in danger.

Thankfully we have a large customer base, use a multitude of suppliers and ever more so since beginning to expand are not solely reliant on one member of staff (a constant worry for those that remain self employed).

Business structure and strong foundations are key for survival and growth and the lesson here, is always have more than one source of business.

Tessa Stephens

Jenlu Team welcomes its newest creative member

Date: 9th November 2015

Creating Jobs for local talent

When asked what is needed in a new creative employee we believe most online design agencies would say creative flair or experience. Whilst creativity is essential, experience isn’t always our paramount objective.

We want to know what makes you tick, will you work hard, are you going to be enthusiastic? Are you conscientious? Will you go the extra mile? What do you want your future to look like?

That’s why our latest recruit Elis Horton-Jones had to go through a rigorous 3-part interview process.

“I knew they were serious about this position. No business would put together the time consuming interviews and tasks that I was met with.”

Growing the team means that Jenlu can continue to provide a service to a growing number of clients. Managing Director Tessa Stephens said, “We are very happy that Elis has joined us. The enthusiasm and commitment during the interview process is exactly what we are looking for.”

The Jenlu team have been announced as a finalist in the ‘Business of the Year 2015’ category at the prestigious Free2Network Business Awards. Specialising in web design and graphic design and are one of the hottest new design agencies based in North Wales.

Is this the right fit for him or us? Time will tell of course. What we do know is that whilst we are finding out we will create some amazing work for our clients.

We are finalists in the Free2Network Business of the Year Awards 2015

Date: 1st November 2015

The Jenlu team have been announced as a finalist in the ‘Business of the Year 2015’ category at the prestigious Free2Network Business Awards. Specialising in web design and graphic design Jenlu are one of the hottest new design agencies based in North Wales.

The aim of Director Tessa Stephens, is to embrace and nurture local talent and to create jobs for local designers and apprentices wanting to become part of the exciting web and graphic design world.

‘We are delighted to have reached the final’ says Tessa ‘and it is recognition of the efforts of our young and dynamic team. I am passionate about bringing new talent into our team and in mentoring young people as they develop in their career.’

Jenlu are focused on steady and sustainable growth and aim to add at least 2 more team members in the next 12 months creating jobs for locally based designers and trainee designers in North Wales. Expanding the Jenlu team can only be good for the local community and for bringing economic growth to the region.

Making the final is a fitting accolade for this young and growing business who are firmly set on including local talent as part of their business expansion strategy.

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